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Konami has been entertaining the soccer sports fans with the Pro Evolution Soccer for many years. Now that includes the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, the most recent version that comes in the various platform including iOS, Android, PC, etc.…

So, do you want to  Download Pro Evolution Soccer(PES) 2018 Game too? If you have been familiar with PES, you might find a lot of similarities in the latest version of PES. But how much is changed from the previous versions?

One of the most significant change is the contextual shielding. It gives the players the ability to shield the ball from the opponents, getting the enemy’s blocked by their body, and so on. The downloading part is very simple just download the link below and continue with further steps and if you want to know the additional features then foollow the link below 


We have known that the keepers can be pretty tricky in the PES. Some folks have a higher expectation in their keepers, but often disappointed with them. We’d like to give a thumb up to the latest version of PES 2018. It is because of the improvement of the keepers. We still remember that the previous PES versions did not do well with the keepers. The keepers will mostly miss catching the ball when someone shot past them or glide past them. But this problem is no long anymore. Now PES has nailed the more realistic and pleasing gameplay so that you can have peace of mind when relying on your defensive line.

Additional Features Of PES 2018 Download

  • The first feature is you can now select your favourite players by buying them in the auctions or scouts so that you can form a good team
  • Next thing is now the stadium has become bigger and the crowd has also been increased.
  • Addition of the female players have been done which now makes the game much more interesting
  • Now with the awesome real touch feature the controlling of ball with different body parts have made the game little more entertaining.
  • The game controls have been enhanced and there big improvements in dribbling mechanics etc.
  • The legend players like messi, Ronaldo will have their special moves and techniques.

Speaking of the gameplay, we can’t tell the huge differences between the PES 2018 with the previous versions, especially since the launch of PES 2016. The game has the same level of graphics quality and controls. But the newer version uses RealTouch which allows the users to control the ball with a specific part of the body. That way, the players of soccer will move more freely, and the game will be more dynamic.

The user will have the freedom to direct the gameplay. We can say that PES 2018 has the best controls amongst the other versions. Uif feels much faster and realistic now. A feel of realism is something that users have wanted to achieve for years. And now, Konami has made it a realisation which is the reason why you should Download Pro Evolution Soccer(PES) 2018 Game.

As usual, the PES 2018 offers multiplayer modes to play with your friends for co-op or versus. You can also play with AI to hone your skills before facing human users. Believe it when we say that it is a much better version than its predecessors.

Things Which Are Bad In PES 2018

There are some things which PES could have done are graphics and the goal keeping, The graphics are not that great compared to the previous infact they are similar to the previous ones and the goal keeping has not that improved ok it is fine but it could be tougher. One more thing is there don’t offer you many real clubs or authentic clubs as they don’t have the licenses for all of them and the players of the non licensed teams are not much sportive. The game takes lots of time which is very irritating to many of us. The soundtrack of the game is not that impressive as you get only few songs like 10 which looks boring after certain period of time.

Things Which are Good In PES 2018

The animations of the game are superb wether it is regarding the running of the player or the rebounce of the ball  or sprinting the ball etc. Now the most interesting part is now you have 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 modes and many other modes.

Alright, Those were the features and download of the game and lastly i could say is download the game it is free to download and if you are big fan to these type of games then definitely you will love the game play, In case if you want to know some more additional features then just follow the link of the video given below.

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